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Based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Date: xx/xx/2018
Platform: PC (Windows/Mac/Linux)


Available at:
Gamejolt (soon)
Steam (soon)

The Jackdaw Visual Novel Engine (Jackdaw VNE) is a downloadable program that interprets a special kind of script to display beautiful visual novels. This script was invented to make writing visual novels quick and easy without any need for programming knowledge. The Jackdaw VNE is offered in two versions: the standard launcher and the Developer Edition.

The launcher is the consumer option for the Jackdaw VNE. It is meant for people who just want to enjoy reading visual novels. The launcher includes a hub to view general information of all downloaded Jackdaw novels and lets readers select the language in which they want to read a novel. Also included is the interpreter needed to display your novels. The launcher saves the readers preferences and reading progress without much of a hassle.

The Developer Edition of the Jackdaw VNE is meant for people who are interested in creating visual novels themselves. The Developer Edition includes the Jackdaw VNE launcher, a detailed description on how to create Jackdaw novels, a detailed tutorial series on how to create novels for the Jackdaw VNE and templates for visual novels.

The Jackdaw VNE version 1.0 includes the following features for writers to play around with:
-A launcher that serves as a platform for writers from around the globe
-A detailed collection of tutorials for writing novels
-Custom name- and text boxes
-Static or animated sprites
-Triggering sound effects
-Changing background music
-Changing the 'voice' of a character
-A dynamic choice system
-Easy translation and modification options
-Charge whatever you want for the novels you create, no cuts taken


Producer, developer and artist:

gmail The Great Yriclian Monarch: King Kujito ex Corvidae

Images and videos:


Jackdaw VNE Launcher banner


Jackdaw VNE Developer Edition banner


Jackdaw VNE Developer Edition cover image


Jackdaw VNE Launcher cover image


Jackdaw's mascot: Jacky Daw


A screenshot of a Jackdaw novel that uses assets included within the Developer edition.