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Jackdaw Visual Novel Engine - Developer edition

Always wanted to create your own visual novel? Why not start now? With the Jackdaw Visual Novel Engine (Jackdaw VNE) you'll be creating beautiful visual novels at light speed without needing any programming experience. The Jackdaw VNE was created to make visual novels easy to create and fast to produce!

Why choose Jackdaw?

Unlike other visual novel tools, Jackdaw incorporates all visual novel functionalities in the writing process without resorting to a programming language. This allows writers to speed up the creation of visual novels. With the Jackdaw VNE you don't even have to write out a story before starting the creation of your novel. The Jackdaw VNE truly is the easiest and quickest tool for creating visual novels.


The Jackdaw VNE version 1.0 includes the following features for writers to play around with:
-A launcher that serves as a platform for writers from around the globe
-A detailed collection of tutorials for writing novels
-Asset bundles containing character sprites, backgrounds and novel templates for writers to play around with.
-Custom name- and text boxes
-Static or animated sprites
-Triggering sound effects
-Changing background music
-Changing the 'voice' of a character
-A dynamic choice system
-Easy translation and modification options
-Charge whatever you want for the novels you create, no cuts taken
-Marketing and publishing advise included with the tutorials

Prizes and opportunities

You could win a download key for the Developer edition of the Jackdaw VNE by following us on social media, giving us a shoutout and include a short description of why you want a key. We will select winners at random but please don't spam.

If you write a novel in the Jackdaw VNE and you feel it deserves recognition, you can reach out to us to try and make your novel a featured novel.
Featured novels will be recommended on the Yriclium products page and your novel will also be featured in a post on our social media. However, keep in mind that we won't market your game. Becoming featured is completely free.
When you send us an email to become featured you should: give a short pitch as to why we should feature you, include a download link for your novel, include screenshots of your novel, include the name and contact details of the writer, include a list of all people involved in the creation of your novel.


Jackdaw Visual Novel Engine - Launcher

The Jackdaw VNE Launcher is a powerful piece of software that runs Jackdaw novels and provides a central hub for all your favorite Jackdaw novels. With the Jackdaw VNE Launcher, you'll be able to enjoy all Jackdaw novels you've downloaded.

If you want to offer Yriclium monetary support, please, visit our Patreon.

Note: to run a novel, include the novel VNE folder in the 'novels' folder within your main Jackdaw folder.

Check out Jackdaw


Yriclium does not encourage or condone offensive, discriminatory, indecent or illegal use of the Jackdaw VNE Launcher or Developer Edition. Yriclium also strongly discourages the publication of visual novels that are meant to threaten or offend people, infringe copyright or break laws. Yriclium does not associate with any novels not published by Yriclium (except those featured on our website).

Yriclium does not allow the use of the Yriclium logo or the Jackdaw VNE logo in any non-referential way. The use of the Jackdaw VNE's mascot character, Jacky Daw, is allowed as long as it is not for a monetary project and provided that Yriclium receives credit for her creation and existence. Jacky Daw is defined by her magenta eyes, her mid-length royal blue hair and other characteristics as depicted on the Yriclium website (excluding clothing).

Yriclium is not responsible for any files or opinions visual novel writers publish online. Yriclium does not offer or ensure a guaranteed bug free version of the Jackdaw VNE Launcher. Yriclium does not claim responsibility for problems with the Jackdaw VNE that arise in novels that have not been made by Yriclium.

The Jackdaw VNE Launcher only works for novels dedicated to be ran in the Jackdaw VNE. The Launcher is incompatible with any other novels. Furthermore, the launcher is required to run Jackdaw novels. Jackdaw novels can't be read without the launcher. The Developer Edition contains no extra software besides the Launcher. The Developer Edition is meant for learning how to use the Jackdaw VNE to create visual novels.

Due to novels being based on a special Jackdaw script writers might accidentally release a buggy novel. If you encounter a bug whilst reading a novel that wasn't written by Yriclium, try contacting the producer of the novel before reporting the problem to Yriclium.

Redistribution of the Jackdaw VNE Launcher is prohibited. Sharing files or links included within the Jackdaw VNE Developer Edition is prohibited.