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What is Yriclium?

Yriclium is a game development studio (based in the Netherlands). Yriclium was founded somewhat vaguely between 2015 and 2016, though remained commercially inactive until years later. At the head of Yriclium stands the Great Yriclian Monarch: King Kujito ex Corvidae (as seen in the picture above). We request you respect such titles.

Oh, and by the way here's some linguistics: Yriclian (adjective, noun) in relation to Yriclium, someone from Yriclium.

What can we expect from Yriclium?

Yriclium will mostly focus on developing, producing, and publishing games commercially, but we might do this and that along the way. Time will tell how our horizon will broaden. Follow us on social media to stay updated on what we're doing.

How can we support Yriclium?

Financially speaking the most effective way to support us would be to become a patron on Patreon or by buying our merchandise on RedBubble. Following and sharing us on social media would also be a big aid. However, the best form of support would be to check out our games and leaving feedback on them.

Is there a way to keep track of Yriclium?

To stay updated on any news in relation to Yriclium, I'd suggest checking out any social media website of your choosing. Clicking one of the icons bellow will direct you to our page of the corresponding social media website.